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Koala Framework is built on top of a solid base: Zend Framework and ExtJS. Similar to Zend Framework you can use specific parts of the Framework your specific use case needs.

ORM - Object-Relational Mapping

Don't use SQL for basic operations, let Kwf_Model abstract that away from you. Another benefit is that you can easily exchange or modify the storage engine, including static test data for unit tests.

AutoForm & AutoGrid

CRUD (create read update delete) operations as easy as it can be.

Connect the power of ExtJS with Zend Framework.

AutoForm & AutoGrid follow the DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principle and are built on top of Kwf_Model.

Web Applications

You write a few controllers, connect together Ext Panels and have a desktop lIke web application!

CMS - Content Management System

Using the full blown CMS and tons of ready made components you can create websites powered by the Koala Framework CMS.

The CMS utilizes Models, AutoForm & AutoGrid plus adds many more features that make it an easy to use and fully customizable CMS.


The Koala Newsletter is a full featured newsletter solution. It is fully integrated into Koala CMS but also can be used standalone.

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