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Follow the instructions below to install the newsletter-demo on your own server.

If you need help contact us on our mailing list.

First install required packages and configure your server, see example configuration for ubuntu.

#clone kwf-newsletter-demo
git clone git://
cd kwf-newsletter-demo
#create directory for file uploads
mkdir uploads
#set permissions
chmod a+w uploads cache temp log log/* cache/*
#clone koala framework
git clone git:// kwf-lib
#clone required libraries
git clone git:// library
#set path to libraries
echo "library/zend/%version%" > kwf-lib/include_path
#set database connection
echo "[production]" > config.local.ini
echo " = localhost" >> config.local.ini
echo "database.web.username = yourdbusername" >> config.local.ini
echo "database.web.password = yourdbpassword" >> config.local.ini
echo "database.web.dbname = yourdbname" >> config.local.ini
#setup: create initial database structure
php bootstrap.php setup

Now open the backend http://kwf-newsletter-demo.local/admin and login with username demo(kwfat)koala-framework(kwfdot)org password: demo

To actually send out the newsletter you need the following cronjob being executed every minute:

* * * * * php /var/www/kwf-newsletter-demo/bootstrap.php newsletter --timeLimit=55
koala-framework / koala-framework